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Endorsed by Present Alderman Osterman, Joe Dunne Aims to Improve the 48th Ward

The 48th Ward is one of 50 legislative districts in Chicago that elect an alderman every four years. These 50 legislators make up the Chicago City Council. The 48th Ward includes part of Edgewater, Andersonville, and Uptown. Ten candidates are vying for this place this year.

Joe Dunne, a longstanding resident of Edgewater and vice president of Bickerdike Redevelopment Company, is one of those ten. With a focus on affordable housing, Dunne feels that his more than 15 years of real estate experience will be beneficial to his candidacy.

Dunne wants to increase public safety while also making sure that community schools receive fair financing and high-quality instruction.

Joe Dunne has volunteered his time and efforts for the community for almost ten years by serving on the Pierce Elementary LSC, the Board of Friends of Pierce, and the Edgewater Council.

Endorsed by Present Alderman Osterman, Joe Dunne Aims to Improve the 48th Ward

RogersEdge Reporter: How do you plan on building safety on CTA trains?

Joe Dunne: Since there’s no authority present on the train other than the engineer who’s driving, we need conductors who go from car to car, probably an intermittent police presence, whether it’s uniformed officers or undercover officers who are on the platforms and around the trains. Someone with authority who can say, “Hey, you can’t do what you’re doing.” So we definitely need better security at the station, and having conductors would be a huge benefits for cleanliness, and safety.

RER: What is your  motivating factor for running for Alderman?

Dunne: The skills I have developed, from affordable housing in real estate, dealing with all the government agencies, elected officials, a lot of community meetings, and getting input from all stakeholders, I think there’s a lot of synergy with what an alderman does. But really this is the community I grew up in, it’s where I’m raising my kids, I want the neighborhood to stay safe for my neighbors; I want to be a part of the solution, and that’s why I’m running for alderman. 

Early voting for the election will start on February 13 and last through February 28. A second round of voting will be held on April 4, 2023. Learn more about the locations and times here.

More information on Joe Dunne his policies and background can be found on his website, here

Aisha Ali

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